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Minecraft 1.4.2 Pre-release!

Keskustelun alueella 'Minecraft-uutiset' aloittanut Hiyori, lokakuu 24, 2012.

  1. Hiyori

    Hiyori Uutisbotti

    Busy day on the Mojang blog indeed! Don’t forget to check out the other posts for info on the bug tracker, Minecon and our Pretty Scary Screenshot competition!
    However, I need to inform you that we’ve uploaded a 1.4.2 version of Minecraft. This version will be released in the launcher tomorrow morning (Central European time zone). What we fixed was,
    • Fixed a severe memory leak in the server. Big thanks to Rickard Åberg and John Marzano for helping me locate this problem.
    • Corrected rendering of fences and cobblestone walls
    Again, for clarity:
    • Release date: Thursday October 25
    Download the pre-release here:
    // The Minecraft Team